04 October 2012

The Everlasting Pump

An animal that never leaves your side
A cold chill always at the other
The dark dance around the fire
as if on a mystified chemical
that word-of-mouth said was healthy
but now illegal and dangerous
according to them

Just one little while free of the everlasting pump
That just keeps pumping you through city block
after city block
through sky-piercing building
after sky-scraping building
Even though you thought you were in a traffic-jam.

I didn't know that day-dreams would be this useful outside of school.


  1. I could be wrong, but the theme behind this poem was motivation (or lack of thereof), wasn't it?

    1. I got that feeling as well. I need some motivation myself actually haha.

    2. Hmm, it could very well be about motivation. I wasn't quite clear on it myself at the time of writing.

      Hope you get that healthy dose of motivation ben268!

  2. I could use some motivation myself. Nice poem, that last sentence was magic.

    1. I will gladly assist you in reacquiring it.
      Thank you very much, glad you liked it.