03 December 2013

Another Half Day

Another half day
The storm rages on
Light barely gets through the clouds
Heavy snowfall
Line of sight is drastically reduced

The cars are skiing
And the routine begins again

05 November 2013

The Room 2

Back in the room again
Wondering when I get to leave
Stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck
C'mon, call.
Maybe waiting isn't the best advice...

07 October 2013

Brabble Babble

Opposed directly
More grabble babble
Listening too a faint squirm
Somewhere back in the head.

Climb upwards
and cut the branches down
Seeing rectangles

02 September 2013

Crack, Break, Slit and Shake

Crack open at dawn
Break down the barrier
Slit up a can of beans
Shake down water

One thing at a time.

31 July 2013

For None Will Be Bowed Down For

Stare blankly
Think hungrily
Act for thirst
Seek a first

For none will be bowed down for
Rise up for you.

20 June 2013

31 May 2013


Hours and hours and hours and hours...
Spend most days in bed
nights as well.

Hair starts to fall off. One by one.
nosebleeds becoming all the more frequent
false teeth and flaky skin
I smell of rot.

08 May 2013


An endless and unwilling imitation of the sloth
Dizziness from fifty-seven cups of coffee
slowly, it gets dark, transitioning into nightfall
but there is a rising pulse,
there is a flaming desire,
I see the Flamingo Bird

30 April 2013

Early Bird

Early bird
Walking third
Teeth bathed in acid
Brain is going flacid

16 April 2013


I haven't been around
I haven't sat down
I haven't been up to speed
and I haven't filled your need.

because there is only one

12 March 2013

Keep Calm (Push, Push, Push)

Push, push, push
Like the plant through asphalt
Like the beetle through the needle

Surrounded resentment
Cracking peanut shells
Spilled malt

Keep calm and

04 March 2013

Portable Living Rooms

Portable living rooms
they come with toys, doll houses and sometimes even a piano
Nice and decorated with wonderful art
Even the food is brought to you
for this is a resturant
Wish it was home.

10 January 2013

Concerning Creativity

For the longest I thought
that ease of use was directly correlated to the quality of the product
The thought being
that if I knew how to operate the device
then the results would be magnificent

With lots of T's and a handy dose of maturation
Understanding the symbiotic relationship between obstructions, hindrances and limitations
and their direct correlation to creativity.