26 June 2015

Scrambled Notes

Scrambled notes and empty wine bottles
scatterbrained beyond reasonable doubt
listening to old tapes yelling fake Eurekas
and being consumed by the Blackness

shuffled down life’s throat
spit on by one’s peers
a strange fantasy indeed
to be stuck with nowhere to run 

20 April 2015

Another week has come 'round

Another week has come 'round
shouting get back up!
You've been unconscious for too long
it's time
do that thing you do
you know, that proper job thing
oh, and bring some peanuts while you're at it

Another week has come 'round...

13 April 2015

Lookgin at the Clock

Looking at the clock
I swear I'm nearly stalking it
waiting eagerly
in just a moment
anytime now
it'll ring
and say go

01 April 2015

Approaching Corruption

Approaching Corruption

as the numbers in my pocket tenfold
and the duties I'm obligated to perform increase
Something strange is shaking
a dear belief of sorts
a certain thing once promised that
Should it come
All will end

02 March 2015

Star-filled Room

So I'm sitting in a square
and pretty bare little room
White walls of winter
and four seasonal paintings
(saying quirks and perks)
The black benches are empty
and the red door says "exit"

As I look at the window above
a beautiful sky emerges
and I realize
that I'm sitting in a star-filled room

30 January 2015

An Honest Question

How do they do it?

how do they just go to work every morning
how do they come home
and just doze off in front of a various assortment of screens

how do they repeat this cycle for so long
how do they sleep
knowing that tomorrow will just be more of the same

how do they just follow this path
how they die
with so little so show for

08 January 2015

Red Letter Day

On this red letter day
when someone is punished simply for drawing
punished for expressing
punished for bringing humour

I'm more inspired than ever
inspired to fight for what's right
inspired to not to give in to the bullies

who called us names
back when we were doodling in school
and who now resort to violence
because they weren't taught the price of freedom
is that everyone gets a say