29 October 2012



like a filthy exhaust pipe 

that runs on the already fallen.

 (No, lazy I am not. I just can't describe in words how much the above words mean to me, or add to them for that matter)

24 October 2012

Words to Utter

I don't know which words to utter
it all ends up in nothing but a stutter
That figure in dark at last turned into grey
and is now finally laying in the hay.

A permanent solution to a temporary problem I will always object
something about it just doesn't sound correct
The needless amount of force and therefore a crime
the irony however is, that that how I rhyme.

15 October 2012

It's Not What You Had, It Is What you Are Left With

I am reminded of that long-ago time when I
- this unemployed 
ever so slightly leaning towards the intoxicated side
rather than the sober and generally more behaving side -
Started to go out this girl

In a horrendously foolish adept to seem mysterious
and therefore maybe, hopefully and perhaps aspiring towards being interesting (...)
, I only ended up with a girl that didn't know her partner in crime.
A mistake indeed.

Might I add:

The warm, soft cheeks
moist, red lips
reaching out for contact
whilst the shoulders make a run for it
just in order the send chest and stomach forward
A deep breath
followed by the most arousing sigh I have ever heard.

It's not what you had, it is what you are left with.

04 October 2012

The Everlasting Pump

An animal that never leaves your side
A cold chill always at the other
The dark dance around the fire
as if on a mystified chemical
that word-of-mouth said was healthy
but now illegal and dangerous
according to them

Just one little while free of the everlasting pump
That just keeps pumping you through city block
after city block
through sky-piercing building
after sky-scraping building
Even though you thought you were in a traffic-jam.

I didn't know that day-dreams would be this useful outside of school.