24 October 2012

Words to Utter

I don't know which words to utter
it all ends up in nothing but a stutter
That figure in dark at last turned into grey
and is now finally laying in the hay.

A permanent solution to a temporary problem I will always object
something about it just doesn't sound correct
The needless amount of force and therefore a crime
the irony however is, that that how I rhyme.


  1. Replies
    1. Well that's certainly an interesting take on it.

  2. Of course it's open to interpretation, but i think it goes deeper than a mugger. Maybe disease, mortality or just the hardships of life is what makes the poet stutter.
    I feel uncomfortable with the rhyming.

    1. Open to interpretation it is indeed. Wouldn't it be a bit boring if the meaning was crystal clear?
      I too felt uncomfortable with rhyming and the last line was sort of a reference to that.

  3. I got lost in the end of the second part. First is pretty much for me about things going from totally bad to good and possibly from being scared to being calm. I don't know why but I have the feel in the second part as if you are talking about something similar to laziness. First you mention him not willing to give too much if it isn't crucial and in the second is the irony of a crime and possibly the opposite.

    1. The poem is a about a few things that true. But mostly it concerns a friend of mine.