28 May 2012

Until I Rot Away Like All the Others

Mouth dripping with chocolate, bread and yogurt
While the sun shines one last day
Dust and tiny particles
are more prominent than ever
A sharp pain in the neck
the taste of rot
I decay like everything else;;;
therefore I try to live while I still can.
Until I rot away like all the others.

20 May 2012

Waiting for Time to Pass On and Be Gone

Waiting in a desolate place
while the rain pours down.
The roof is leaking.
But the little drops are being catched by a pot.

And even though the weather is gray, wet and dead
even though I'm just waiting for time to pass on and be gone
even though everything is in standstill,
the curtains are broken, ruined, useless
have been so for years...
Waiting for time to pass on and be gone.

14 May 2012

The Hope of a World of Peace

Endless streams of information
most of which is meaningless
Like our place in time and space
be it here or there
the rain always helps us sleep

The Hope of a World of Peace
and all the other clich├ęs that follow
for once remembered blood streams
rivers of life
being optimistic for a change.

06 May 2012

Sometimes a Stranger's Gesture is as Welcoming as the Liquid that Enters our Bodies

Wake me up
from this nigthmare of a place
Let's just go to sleep
never wake up.

You will wake up
you will have to live
wake up.
Get up.
Get out.
Have a cigarette and be a social creature.

Sometimes a stranger's gesture is as welcoming as the liquid that enters our bodies.
I believe in that.