28 May 2014


It gets worrisome
when your phones can do more
than those that have walked the moon
when your cars drive better
than you do
your doors open by themselves
your kids take care of themselves

and yet you still greedily crave pointless things

24 May 2014

Pretending To Be Somewhere Else

It came creeping behind the corner
round and about
twist and doubt
Hanging on to old routines for too long

And we when they finally do come around again
and again and again and again
I’ll be there facing the other way
Pretending to be somewhere else

12 May 2014


cumbersome it is
when all you do is sit still and wait
troublesome it is
when all you do is move about and get yelled at
because you were to late

Forward is the only way they say

05 May 2014


A fly on the wall
buzzing quietly
about to fall

The early morning drill
nothing happened
but get up that hill

Still waiting for an answer
I wrote her last
I guess I'm now her dancer...