28 December 2012

It's Good to be Back

Conscious once again.
It's good to be back.
   Returned to this Earth.
With its friend Luna and Sol and all its other OK neighbours

Suspend the urge to pass on
For the saddest fact I know,
is that I spend about a third of my one chance of life sleeping

I'll get plenty of that when I'm gone.

16 December 2012

Inner Self

Sometimes the lines get blurry
at other periods in time they get lonesome.
Like the road she walked home on,

<never bring forth the inner self
>question the others' instead

09 December 2012

Order of the Day

A word for the day; 

A word for the beat,

A word for the lights,

a word instead of melancholy


02 December 2012

The Hat

Put on the busy-guy hat
while the bleeps and bloops zoom by
Walk in the rhythm that was agreed upon
stretch out your back or hit the pavement
I can taste the metal in the air
and if you somehow bump into someone it is always their fault

That's what the news told me today.