30 August 2014


Everyday is the same
it's the same breakfast
the same show on the radio
the same news in the news
the carpenters are still there
there is still a mountain to climb
and another one is always right behind it as well

the same dinner
the same weather
the same McJob
the same McSchool
the same house
the same room
the same bed
the same dream.

19 August 2014

Mr. Rye

gently fall apart
gladly light a spark
friends never lie
said the enemy of my enemy: Mr. Rye

09 August 2014

Clogging the Tubes

Open the store
start the sale
your life is nothing without our style
so go brag about it on your wall
where friends pretend to care
but in reality are just clogging the tubes
that carry your current existence