26 August 2012

As I Lie In Bed

As I lie in bed
noisy fans
powered by oil
head-phones to block it out
an artificial taste
as well as smell
need to pop more pills,
aches and cramps everywhere
not to mention the mess inside both heads
Avoid confrontation at all costs.

19 August 2012

All of That Is Completely Irrelevant

Large doses of sugary sweets
I might be addicted to ammonium hydroxide
and all those hours in front of a screen
be it the televised vision
or the computing box with a noisy fan
Routine is all I ever knew.
just like so many places on this rock
that do not get to experience the difference
between left and right

But all of that is completely and utterly irrelevant
for She is on my mind

14 August 2012

No Future Plans

No future plans
in these plains
for a moving train
is all that is needed

No long numbers
in this empty mind and disc-space
for a drink and a chat
can always be arranged

No bed to "go at it" in
in a troubled and fashioned city
until The Lion appears
and roars at me

Saying "I've got a place for you."
"But you will need to vanish again into the morrow."