29 April 2012

It's So Hard to Love Someone Who Doesn't Love You

It's so hard to love
someone who doesn't love you
There is nothing I would want more (right now)
than to have her here
I've stolen from Son
But the rain is too heavy
and it's light outside
after party after the final party
I'm hurting
In stomach
In head

22 April 2012

Morning Hair

The rain is pouring down
got home before though
Chips are on sale
and water is free.
Eat your vitamins billy
We might just pull through
keep going on
I'm hopeful of there hopefully being hope.

15 April 2012

The Breakfast of Champions

I want it
I will get it
I will accept no subsitute.

A nice birthday party:
in a basement.
It was there
and I was as loud as baby about it
Hospitality isn't unusual at birthdays: A nice tradition.

09 April 2012

...So You Should Too

ice cream
and other various sweets
A soar neck
Square eyes
and other stressful disadvantages
Never go out while the churchbells are ringing
That's when the kids are inside.
So you should too.

01 April 2012

I Did Everything but knock on the Front Door

'Sent out mail
'sent out e-mail
sent out personal messages
sent out phone calls
cell phone calls too
tried faxing
tried Morse code too
I did everything but knock on the front door
because that is not nice
people don't want other people to just barge in
it's also embarrassing
so I just wait.