23 February 2014


Suddenly I felt this tingling sensation
Slightly misplaced, ever so vague
Seemingly relentless sparks of joy
Severing however, reverse some days
Something, somewhere and sometimes.

16 February 2014


You know that feeling of being stuck?
Stuck in that same room for days and days and days
Stuck like some rodent in a mousetrap
Stuck and knowing it too

And whenever there is chance to go free
your answer is "great, I just need to be stuck a little bit more."

"I'll get up in five"
yeah right
You said that hours ago.

13 February 2014

First Thing To Do When I Wake Up

First Thing To Do When I Wake Up

Is to remember what just happened
realize that the past few hours
were all imaginary.
try to unbuckle the quilt
locate eyes
Hear her speak the first words of my day.

03 February 2014

Sitting Down

Sitting down here once more
Though I highly doubt it will be that last time
So the word 'again' should perhaps have been used...
Someone needs to stop doing this.
Sitting down here again
Going to bed.