22 September 2014


These days when I wake up
I just stay in bed
and stare at a screen
sometimes it's a laptop
sometimes it's a television
but mostly it's phone
until I fall asleep again
I think I'm bedridden
in some strange 21st century kind of way

08 September 2014

When The Water Turns Red

when the water turns red
and my veins start to appear again
when the dust is in the air
and my ears regain their sense of hearing

The soothing strange feeling of being intact
a small reward
and well worth it

01 September 2014


i see her everyday
and every so often i think
this is the day
that i will finally be able
collect the necessary courage
to say "hi, i like you"
and not be terrified of what the answer will be

But that is not today...