26 February 2012

Hello Cat

Hello kitty cat.
Nice to see you this morning.
Feel you.
Bottomless echos.
Yesternight did not go well.
Should stand up for oneself.
Limited time to make decisions.
Too much afterthought.
At least the hangover is in treatment.
I will move.

19 February 2012


I lost my thought
Can't hear
Lost my chain of thought
Can't hear myself think
Why am I here?
Should I go?

13 February 2012

Be More Healthy

Get up early
Drink less
Alcohol that is
Never think bad thoughts
That's the root of the problem...
Pump in vitamins
Pump your muscles to their truer form
That's the only right way
Don't be left
Only stupid people would want to do that
That's the root of the problem
big words prove my intelegens
isms really enforce it

06 February 2012

Killing time

Time flies when you're having fun
Wonder why it flies
when I'm bored
In front of the internet.
Like now,
Like always,
Each and everyday.