27 April 2014


It's tough to be stranded
when you haven't got that one specific book with you

But that doesn't matter
because right now I really need
to get this fire started

23 April 2014

A Tour Through To The Ocean Floor

A tour through to the ocean floor
the tastes of salt and seaweed

some rays getting through
others still on the way down

little specks of sea dust
moving about like one massive pendulum

I can feel the cold
coming up my feet.

14 April 2014


"Congrats"she said.
as I came to be again
"You've made it through to the next cycle"
the sun was shining bright and the wind was calm
"Where am I?"
I just had to ask.

She looked at me
gave a sort of disappointed smile
then she put on her clothes and left.

06 April 2014


that Day is steadily approaching
creeping by the sides

remembrance is watchful eyes
and carefully constructed lies

01 April 2014

Hello to the Rest of the Week

turn on eyes at the crack of dawn
extraordinary amounts of coffee
listen to radio for too long
clean up someone's mess
dump it to some other person

That was just Monday.