22 July 2014

Childish Jealousy

I know that this childish and all around unproductive
sense of jealousy helps
in exactly nothing

But for some reason
it keep coming back to haunt
keeps returning to its previous owner
all around nonchalantly arrogant
and pissed off

13 July 2014

Crowing Cock

Ingesting that red liquid
let it flow down
and ruin my bowel movements
let it flow down
and build up my high.

The soothing sounds of a hangover
that annoying crowing cock
bankrupting my mental capacity for patience
and resistance to sunlight

01 July 2014

Stuck On Loop For The Most Part

Floating on through this weird little episode
sometimes called the living life
sometimes called the journey of dreams

I'm stuck on loop for the most part
the same morning with the same tea
the same evening with the same coffee

Staring at existence through a rectangle
building it up to make you jealous
building it up to make fall for those lies myself