28 March 2014

Words of Wisdom

Up in arms
about hats and farms.

Celebrate the dead!
but don't turn red

Sewers and rats
wait, where are my hats?

24 March 2014

Every Now and Then

every now and then
the strange thought arises
how did these teeth get this way?
when did this start exactly?
where are they going?

Well, we all know the answer to the last question
but I, like every other average person, like to imagine
that I'm the exception

18 March 2014

Something in the

I suppose it's something in the wind
or maybe it's something in the rain
perhaps it's even something in the air
some say it's something in the sea

No matter the outcome
her money will always be on the mist

04 March 2014


We all bleed
and occasionally feed
We shed our fear
behind the tear
We turn up dry
before it's time to dye
We like our hats
to remind us of our rats