25 October 2014

Priests in the Early Morning Dew

In that early morning hour
and I mean that really early one
when the sun is just a tiny bit too tired
and all the folks haven't quite risen yet
The distant street lights
almost hovering a few meters above sea level
For a fraction of a ½ second I thought I saw a rabbit
who knows if the sheep have awakened
I haven't noticed a rooster quite yet

And oh, the usefulness of the roadside-priests
guiding our way through this pitch black darkness
who knows, but perhaps they're supposed to be an aligory of real life.
But as someone once mentioned: "It's kinda funny how there are so many of them"

08 October 2014

The End of Daydreams

I know I used to have them
Those long walks inside my head
strolling through the gardens of thought
a small walk besides the memory grove
feeling the winds of electrifying beaches 
and jumping through loops of neurons
hiding behind lumps of fat
hissing at other things like that

I don't have those anymore
some say it's the end of daydreams