26 January 2014

Celebration day

Celebration day
The winds are gushing
And the rain knocks on the window
Oh well, on with the hat
Tie the shoes
Throw a coat on
Let's eat scraps

20 January 2014

Better Late Than Never

Frozen behind closed doors
Keep pushing down the handle
Something has to give at some point
Repeat, repeat, repeat
"Better late than never."

14 January 2014

Live in the Cloud

Oh how it freezes
Seemingly insignificant e-mails
Rejection as an everyday thing
Go live in the cloud

06 January 2014

Something to Drink

Something to occupy the mind
While I sit in this awkward position
While I try to forget what is happening
While everyone else moves along

Something to eat
While we try find a subject worthy of discussion
While we make lucky guesses about each other
While they stare at us

and of course something to drink too, please.