26 September 2012

A Constant Snoring

A constant snoring
Bitter, bleak and irritating
Searching for a moment of silence
from all the pesky noises
all of the duties around the corner
even the cycle of food and sleep

We're told we just have to work hard
and someday we (might) will get to lay in the hay
But old-man-millionaire once asked a local fisherman
why he was just lying on the beach
why he wasn't fishing to then later relax.

17 September 2012

After the Rest

Unfortunately it is phisically impossible to live in the present
light, sound and perception happen at certain speeds
but do not let that stop you
it does not stop me
at least right now

lI will have forgotten in a little while
after the dinner
after the rest
when I'm relaxed
confident that
this might go on

09 September 2012

Church Bells Through the Hard Rain

Church bells through the hard rain
remind me of all the hours I failed to notice
three or perhaps even four days of nothing
absolutely nothing:
Vacant social life, denying access even
A stale and unalterable negative income eating its way
like a termite.

No productivity with no light at the end of the cliché'd tunnel
Waiting just as always
A body and mind in decay, disrepair, dilapidation
Nearing the enivitable fall
And the ruin that awaits.

03 September 2012

Half-Closed Eyes

Half-closed eyes
with more than one wrinkle under each
the skin is turning paler by the minute
a minute difference though, only noticeable when looking at old photographs
The many hours spent lucid in the dark side of the earth have taken their toll
But I know of pills that take care of that.