26 September 2012

A Constant Snoring

A constant snoring
Bitter, bleak and irritating
Searching for a moment of silence
from all the pesky noises
all of the duties around the corner
even the cycle of food and sleep

We're told we just have to work hard
and someday we (might) will get to lay in the hay
But old-man-millionaire once asked a local fisherman
why he was just lying on the beach
why he wasn't fishing to then later relax.


  1. Wise words in this one, I like it. Is it somehow related to the subject of going around our duties? Leaving our duties and work for tomorrow is never good. I have a thought that the best feeling of all is when you accomplish something or when you finish something, but you will never feel that if you don't start anything.
    Hope you won't mind my long comments on your later posts. Comment so I can know.

  2. Yes, I think you get it more than I do. Of course I won't mind long comments :)

  3. technically you can lay while fishing... just sayin' :P

    1. Of course you can, but if you want anything big you will need to board a boat and leave the beach ;)