17 September 2012

After the Rest

Unfortunately it is phisically impossible to live in the present
light, sound and perception happen at certain speeds
but do not let that stop you
it does not stop me
at least right now

lI will have forgotten in a little while
after the dinner
after the rest
when I'm relaxed
confident that
this might go on


  1. Hi, I'm back again to Blogger and here I am on your blog again. I'm The Carousel Show by the way, this is just my new blog called "Find Your Hobby" and you should check it out.
    Anyway, I really like your poems and I like to try and answer what you wanted to tell with them. Sometimes I even grab my guitar and play a long to them, you should totally hear that!

    1. Why hello there! Yeah, I've visited and am now following your blog. Thanks for the compliments. I do want to hear that very much!

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