24 June 2012

Three bottles of scotch

Three bottles of scotch
don't blend it
don't even think about it
Take the good with the bad
(as they say)

Never once did I think well
when on the other things
Write drunk
edit sober
(as he said)

Pressure on an empty stomach
dry mouth
aching head
and we go on and on and on and on and on.
Until the Sun shines
and the Moon is forced to hide.

17 June 2012

Brainstorms and Synonyms

Far be it from me to criticize you
far be it from me to even have an actual opinion
reasoned and argued

Nearing the validity of our claims
ever now and then,
just by a little...
one stride at the time.

Brainstorms and synonyms
let us crash-test my entire repository of convictions, doctrines and conclusions
Guesses and hints.
Chasing after a rabbit of naked truth, nitty-gritty perfection.

But for now:
I will lay in bed and think about what I should do
where I want to go
how much I need to get up again...

14 June 2012

A World Made of Formulas and Numbers

Crowds gather
signs go up in the air
all of them with catchy phrases

In the concrete jungle
where the streets only go north, south, east or west
amidst the boring caf├ęs

A world made of formulas and numbers 
dulling three of the five classic senses
an entire day spent in front of a rectangle

Until the crowds gather again.

03 June 2012

A Constant Hum from the Various Computer Devices

A room in ruins
military ships sailing about
the cracking of baking rooves

A constant hum from the various computer devices,
or tinnitus...
my feet are cold.