31 December 2014

On this eve of the new year

On this eve of the new year
as darkness descends upon us
and the rockets start firing
when past is, for just a moment, forgotten
that one time when we can just focus on the present
and what's to come
That's when you'll see her
that one creature
that I desire
over all

Here's to the next calender
here's to her.

03 December 2014


The rewards are said to be fleeting
oh how they were in the know
you usually think "If I do this, then everything will be OK"
and no more of all the dullwit

Liken your urge to an empty stomach
it will never stay full forever
and I've heard you shouldn't even try
but what do they know

04 November 2014

Millennial Angst

It's an odd time to be alive in;
I'm sure others have felt this way before
But the future has never been so near
some folks make the claim that it's already here
everything seems to be in a limboish state
a transitional period perhaps

The Net really has changed everything
even the very act of which I am guilty of doing right now (06:41, 22.Oct-2014)
seems stupid, redundant, childish, nostalgic and out of date
"The Millennia has passed Mr.! (or Ms./Mrs. if that is what you prefer)"
And who the fuck still writes with pen and paper?
 What are you going to do with it? Release it as a paperback book-thing?
Stores are closing, jobs are a threatened species and everything is a cliché
Ever this, these very words that you have just read, this millennial angst as well.
"Just consume, man. You'll be fine, dude. You'll feel good, dawg."

Well, that's a page, so I'll stop here.
These are strange days indeed.

25 October 2014

Priests in the Early Morning Dew

In that early morning hour
and I mean that really early one
when the sun is just a tiny bit too tired
and all the folks haven't quite risen yet
The distant street lights
almost hovering a few meters above sea level
For a fraction of a ½ second I thought I saw a rabbit
who knows if the sheep have awakened
I haven't noticed a rooster quite yet

And oh, the usefulness of the roadside-priests
guiding our way through this pitch black darkness
who knows, but perhaps they're supposed to be an aligory of real life.
But as someone once mentioned: "It's kinda funny how there are so many of them"

08 October 2014

The End of Daydreams

I know I used to have them
Those long walks inside my head
strolling through the gardens of thought
a small walk besides the memory grove
feeling the winds of electrifying beaches 
and jumping through loops of neurons
hiding behind lumps of fat
hissing at other things like that

I don't have those anymore
some say it's the end of daydreams

22 September 2014


These days when I wake up
I just stay in bed
and stare at a screen
sometimes it's a laptop
sometimes it's a television
but mostly it's phone
until I fall asleep again
I think I'm bedridden
in some strange 21st century kind of way

08 September 2014

When The Water Turns Red

when the water turns red
and my veins start to appear again
when the dust is in the air
and my ears regain their sense of hearing

The soothing strange feeling of being intact
a small reward
and well worth it

01 September 2014


i see her everyday
and every so often i think
this is the day
that i will finally be able
collect the necessary courage
to say "hi, i like you"
and not be terrified of what the answer will be

But that is not today...

30 August 2014


Everyday is the same
it's the same breakfast
the same show on the radio
the same news in the news
the carpenters are still there
there is still a mountain to climb
and another one is always right behind it as well

the same dinner
the same weather
the same McJob
the same McSchool
the same house
the same room
the same bed
the same dream.

19 August 2014

Mr. Rye

gently fall apart
gladly light a spark
friends never lie
said the enemy of my enemy: Mr. Rye

09 August 2014

Clogging the Tubes

Open the store
start the sale
your life is nothing without our style
so go brag about it on your wall
where friends pretend to care
but in reality are just clogging the tubes
that carry your current existence

22 July 2014

Childish Jealousy

I know that this childish and all around unproductive
sense of jealousy helps
in exactly nothing

But for some reason
it keep coming back to haunt
keeps returning to its previous owner
all around nonchalantly arrogant
and pissed off

13 July 2014

Crowing Cock

Ingesting that red liquid
let it flow down
and ruin my bowel movements
let it flow down
and build up my high.

The soothing sounds of a hangover
that annoying crowing cock
bankrupting my mental capacity for patience
and resistance to sunlight

01 July 2014

Stuck On Loop For The Most Part

Floating on through this weird little episode
sometimes called the living life
sometimes called the journey of dreams

I'm stuck on loop for the most part
the same morning with the same tea
the same evening with the same coffee

Staring at existence through a rectangle
building it up to make you jealous
building it up to make fall for those lies myself

28 June 2014

Geting ready to slodge

getting ready to Slodge
maybe someday it can pay off
all my past mistakes
and little misdemeanors

Supposedly a tiny pause
just every once in a while
is deemed healthy by the ones in the know

gettin' ready to slogde
and I promise to do it Superfluously

27 June 2014

Summer Fling

A summer fling
it's hard to think
can not focus

lifted up
floating with & on clouds
sitting by the phone
thinking about the summer's fling

25 June 2014

Let it Brew

Unexpected things do indeed happen
give it a while
let it brew
then bask in that one moment
until it moves past you
like the fine individual you surely are.

28 May 2014


It gets worrisome
when your phones can do more
than those that have walked the moon
when your cars drive better
than you do
your doors open by themselves
your kids take care of themselves

and yet you still greedily crave pointless things

24 May 2014

Pretending To Be Somewhere Else

It came creeping behind the corner
round and about
twist and doubt
Hanging on to old routines for too long

And we when they finally do come around again
and again and again and again
I’ll be there facing the other way
Pretending to be somewhere else

12 May 2014


cumbersome it is
when all you do is sit still and wait
troublesome it is
when all you do is move about and get yelled at
because you were to late

Forward is the only way they say

05 May 2014


A fly on the wall
buzzing quietly
about to fall

The early morning drill
nothing happened
but get up that hill

Still waiting for an answer
I wrote her last
I guess I'm now her dancer...

27 April 2014


It's tough to be stranded
when you haven't got that one specific book with you

But that doesn't matter
because right now I really need
to get this fire started

23 April 2014

A Tour Through To The Ocean Floor

A tour through to the ocean floor
the tastes of salt and seaweed

some rays getting through
others still on the way down

little specks of sea dust
moving about like one massive pendulum

I can feel the cold
coming up my feet.

14 April 2014


"Congrats"she said.
as I came to be again
"You've made it through to the next cycle"
the sun was shining bright and the wind was calm
"Where am I?"
I just had to ask.

She looked at me
gave a sort of disappointed smile
then she put on her clothes and left.

06 April 2014


that Day is steadily approaching
creeping by the sides

remembrance is watchful eyes
and carefully constructed lies

01 April 2014

Hello to the Rest of the Week

turn on eyes at the crack of dawn
extraordinary amounts of coffee
listen to radio for too long
clean up someone's mess
dump it to some other person

That was just Monday.

28 March 2014

Words of Wisdom

Up in arms
about hats and farms.

Celebrate the dead!
but don't turn red

Sewers and rats
wait, where are my hats?

24 March 2014

Every Now and Then

every now and then
the strange thought arises
how did these teeth get this way?
when did this start exactly?
where are they going?

Well, we all know the answer to the last question
but I, like every other average person, like to imagine
that I'm the exception

18 March 2014

Something in the

I suppose it's something in the wind
or maybe it's something in the rain
perhaps it's even something in the air
some say it's something in the sea

No matter the outcome
her money will always be on the mist

04 March 2014


We all bleed
and occasionally feed
We shed our fear
behind the tear
We turn up dry
before it's time to dye
We like our hats
to remind us of our rats

23 February 2014


Suddenly I felt this tingling sensation
Slightly misplaced, ever so vague
Seemingly relentless sparks of joy
Severing however, reverse some days
Something, somewhere and sometimes.

16 February 2014


You know that feeling of being stuck?
Stuck in that same room for days and days and days
Stuck like some rodent in a mousetrap
Stuck and knowing it too

And whenever there is chance to go free
your answer is "great, I just need to be stuck a little bit more."

"I'll get up in five"
yeah right
You said that hours ago.

13 February 2014

First Thing To Do When I Wake Up

First Thing To Do When I Wake Up

Is to remember what just happened
realize that the past few hours
were all imaginary.
try to unbuckle the quilt
locate eyes
Hear her speak the first words of my day.

03 February 2014

Sitting Down

Sitting down here once more
Though I highly doubt it will be that last time
So the word 'again' should perhaps have been used...
Someone needs to stop doing this.
Sitting down here again
Going to bed.

26 January 2014

Celebration day

Celebration day
The winds are gushing
And the rain knocks on the window
Oh well, on with the hat
Tie the shoes
Throw a coat on
Let's eat scraps

20 January 2014

Better Late Than Never

Frozen behind closed doors
Keep pushing down the handle
Something has to give at some point
Repeat, repeat, repeat
"Better late than never."

14 January 2014

Live in the Cloud

Oh how it freezes
Seemingly insignificant e-mails
Rejection as an everyday thing
Go live in the cloud

06 January 2014

Something to Drink

Something to occupy the mind
While I sit in this awkward position
While I try to forget what is happening
While everyone else moves along

Something to eat
While we try find a subject worthy of discussion
While we make lucky guesses about each other
While they stare at us

and of course something to drink too, please.