04 November 2014

Millennial Angst

It's an odd time to be alive in;
I'm sure others have felt this way before
But the future has never been so near
some folks make the claim that it's already here
everything seems to be in a limboish state
a transitional period perhaps

The Net really has changed everything
even the very act of which I am guilty of doing right now (06:41, 22.Oct-2014)
seems stupid, redundant, childish, nostalgic and out of date
"The Millennia has passed Mr.! (or Ms./Mrs. if that is what you prefer)"
And who the fuck still writes with pen and paper?
 What are you going to do with it? Release it as a paperback book-thing?
Stores are closing, jobs are a threatened species and everything is a cliché
Ever this, these very words that you have just read, this millennial angst as well.
"Just consume, man. You'll be fine, dude. You'll feel good, dawg."

Well, that's a page, so I'll stop here.
These are strange days indeed.

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