15 October 2012

It's Not What You Had, It Is What you Are Left With

I am reminded of that long-ago time when I
- this unemployed 
ever so slightly leaning towards the intoxicated side
rather than the sober and generally more behaving side -
Started to go out this girl

In a horrendously foolish adept to seem mysterious
and therefore maybe, hopefully and perhaps aspiring towards being interesting (...)
, I only ended up with a girl that didn't know her partner in crime.
A mistake indeed.

Might I add:

The warm, soft cheeks
moist, red lips
reaching out for contact
whilst the shoulders make a run for it
just in order the send chest and stomach forward
A deep breath
followed by the most arousing sigh I have ever heard.

It's not what you had, it is what you are left with.


  1. i know it's a cliché to say this, but you just gotta be yourself

    1. A cliché it certainly is, but it is true none the less.

  2. The mistakes we make when we're crazy about a girl... That last line, especially, is so true.

    1. Mistakes indeed, but what can one do? Love has this weird ability to turn people's sense of thinking about things rationally off.