09 July 2012

I Should Be Happy Just Look I'm Even Smiling

Although today is not the correct day
I still feel as if it was the seventh day (for us)
Worried the interesting, but very dangerous, chemical compounds
might just have won the battle today
To be a little more direct
if I may...

The ever so nice death-sticks
have (hopefully) momentarily
destroyed my throat

The always charming
but a bit frivolous: alcohol
has now taken it's toll on my digestive system

and of course lastly, but certainly the very least
for I don't necessarily enjoy everything
The Drugs
If I took any
then it was done in an unconscious manner
but I can feel my chest expanding,
my ears' ability to hear lessening
and the few bits of brain-power that remain
are slowly evaporating.

Although, I might be wrong
About something.
About everything.
I might live to see the morrow
and I might even want to

But for the time being
I'm sweating immensely in a excrement-fillet toilet-stall
unwashable and not belonging in the first world.

I should be happy
just look
I'm even smiling.

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